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Our mission

Welcome to Intex Arab Trading & Contracting. Est. is established in 2023 is involved in the field of Civil Construction and Maintenance, Plumbing, & waterproofing work. (Manpower supply) Dedicated divisions to each of the above mentioned sector, Intex Arab Trading & Contracting has served various prestigious projects in Qatar and carries excellent goodwill as a quality work and service provider. .

To provide value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. We believe that great companies are built on a foundation of reliable expertise. For Intex Arab Trading & Contracting has , that foundation includes rigorous management oversight of, and an unyielding dedication to, workmanship. In addition, we make every effort to adopt appropriate policies from time to time and we devote ourselves fully towards achieving perfection. We are keenly aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. employees together with the support of our some sister companies and supplier.

Statement of Company definition

Intex Arab Trading & Contracting has . Doha’s well known Company has come a long way since its modest beginning some years ago. It is now a name to be reckoned with the country’s Project Supporter with Workforce (Manpower Locally), Construction, Trading, Waste Management & General cleaning sector. Utilizing its capacities to hilt, the company offers an enormous range of products and Services. it is catering to all requirements of the Construction industry, We established ourselves in the this service in the year 2015 and our experience and history in this part of the Gulf reflects and unblemished reputation for delivering excellent and quality service by helping clients to complete the project on time and within budget to meet clients requirement. Our human resources; composed of well trained, highly qualified and experience staff, down to the rank-and-file workers plus our highly effective administrative staff enabled us to reach a strong position in this service and industry. Intex Arab Trading & Contracting has has a relatively humble beginning as a Project Supporter with manpower and staffing for clients, General Contracting Trading and General Cleaning. Realizing customer requirements and ensuring their timely completion, the company developed a wide and ever growing clientele base. On reliability and the quality of Service delivered to the countless patrons, the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. In their pursuit for further excellence, the management of one not one has developed and implemented a quality management system in compliance with the guidelines international standards. Our Chairman Hamad Nasser Ahmad Ali Al-Thani & Managing Director Abdul Krim are persons with an extraordinary combination of attributes: vision, passion and deep sensitivity to the big issue that challenge the world around us, is our motivation in pursuit of perfection in our endeavors. A remarkable thing happens when great leadership and employees who are driven to make a difference bring together: they do miracles, like, Intex Arab Trading & Contracting has .

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